Luxury accommodation on the island of Rab



Are you dreaming of a fantastic holiday with excellent accommodation, in a natural environment enriched with the most modern content and outdoor activities!? For this very reason we have designed a swimming pool that will satisfy everybody's needs and will not leave anyone indifferent. The pool in the garden is refreshing during hot and summer days. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports and an excellent therapy. It relaxes the muscles, enhances circulation, promotes proper breathing and maintains the entire body in a psychophysical balance. In order to bring you closer to the realization of your perfect vacation, guests have a heated swimming pool of 11 meters and a length of almost 8 meters with their own sunbathing area, a waterfall and a relaxing sitting area.


Wellness as a way of life, the promotion of one's own quality of life, balance of body, mind and spirit…. This should be a priority in life. Achieving such prosperity is quite challenging. Everybody needs relaxation and a break from daily life responsibilities, so we provide our guests with a Jacuzzi where, besides the necessary relaxation, you will experience and enjoy hydromassage and improve circulation. All this under the bright sunny clear blue sky or starry night sky, alone or in good company.

Playground for children

We have provided a safe space for your small ones, their games, entertainment and learning. So while you are enjoying the benefits of our property, your loved ones are having the time of their life. The need for play is inborn to every child, and the cognitive process of the social and material world begins with the play in the environment in which the child is staying. It affects the child's physical, cognitive and emotional development and development of social skills. Therefore, the playground is also an essential element in our estate.

Summer kitchen

There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors in beautiful scenery,especially ifit is accompanied with good food and a great company. This is the perfect combination for hot summer days. We are sure that during the hot days you will not be very glad to spend time at the stove in the apartment. In the open kitchen, it is much easier to cook and enjoy the barbecue, garden terrace and outdoor gathering.


We organize unforgettable dream weddings. A fairy-tale wedding in ourbeautiful garden. If you are a fan of romance and simplicity, then the garden wedding is the perfect choice. You've certainly been watching fairytale weddings on the movies and thought of having one like that yourself. Nothing is impossible! If you've decided to get married and want to spend your happiest day in life in anatural environment, then we are here to make your dreams come true! Villa Šubić proudly represents Rab as an island with thousand opportunities foryour wedding celebration. Whether it's a smallcelebration, a sophisticated ball or a luxurious ceremony, we have the perfect garden to fit your style. With many years of experience in counselling, organization, wedding photographyand video, we'll lead you from the moment we receive your first email, and show you every hidden corner of our island.


Villa Šubić owns and provides enough parking spaces for all guests, right next to your apartments. For most of the cars, we provide shade during the summer heat.


Wi-fi connection is definitely one of the basic things that each of our apartments must have! All smart Wi-Fi devices connected to our network work together to ensure fast Wi-Fi connectivity in every corner, not just next to the modem, but all around our property. While watching a video or having a video call without breaking the signal and losing the connection.

Bike friendly

Because we are "Bike Friendly" Discover all the benefits of cyclotourism on the island of Rab with your own guide! Be active, connect with nature, try your limits and explore the beauty of the island of Rab on a bicycle! Not only are there over than 80 kilometers of interesting bike trails, that will not leave anybody indifferent, but with our guide you will also find the most hidden places you can ride to and enjoy the natural beauties and the untouched nature. Book your active vacation in Villa Šubić and we will take You alonge the sea side, the woods, and one of the most beautiful cycling trails on the island of Rab, "Premužićeva staza", which passes through the most interesting parts of "Kalifront" and the protected woods of "Dundovo", from around 1930. Another  "Premužić" trail runs through the area on the norther part of the island, Lopar and Fruge, and several trails lead to sandy beaches or ridges.