The offered accommodation units are described according to the Official Categorisation and based on the insight into the actual condition of the accommodation. The standards, of accommodation and other services, are different and not comparable in some places and countries. The information given by the service provider at the point of sale do not oblige Villa Šubić to a greater extend , than the information published on the web pages www.villa-subic.com and www.holidayrab.com or catalogue and other printed promotional materials by Ville Šubić


Villa Šubić reserves the right to change or cancel the reservation if there are exceptional circumstances that cannot be foreseen, avoided or eliminated. Reserved accommodation can be replaced by making a new reservation from the same category and the same price range, or by making a new reservation of an apartment from a higher category and higher price range, which implies an extra charge.


The buyer agrees to:

  • Have valid travel documents
  • Respect customs and foreign currency regulations
  • To obey the ʺHouse rulesʺ in accommodation facilities and cooperate with service providers
  • Have the booking confirmation printed and ready upon arrival at the destination
  • Check whether there is a visa required to enter the country and reach our destination

In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the customer shall bear the costs and be liable for the damage done. By confirming the reservation, the buyer undertakes to pay to the service provider any damages caused.


Villa Šubić is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, nor for stolen luggage or valuables in the accommodation facility (it is recommended to use a safe deposit box). Lost luggage or robbery are reported at the reception desk and the authorized police station.


If the service is not performed correctly, the buyer has the right to complaint for an undelivered paid service. For a service he / she considers undelivered, the clien is obliged to complain or notify the host at the reception desk immediately or in writing to info@villa-subic.com

The client undertakes to cooperate with the hosts of the accommodation in good manner, in order to remove the causes of the complaint. If the buyer does not accept the offer or compensation for the object of the complaint, from the host of the accommodation, Villa Šubić is not obliged to accept a subsequent complaint. If after receiving the solution or compensation for the object of the complaint by the reception staff of the accommodation object, the buyer still considers that he has the right to complain, at least 28 days after leaving the accommodation, he / she is obliged to send a written objection together with evidence, documents and photographs proving the grounds complaints in one of the following ways: by e-mail to info@villa-subic.com or by post to Villa Šubić, Kampor 293, 51280 Rab, Croatia Villa Šubić will consider only fully-filed complaints received within 28 days. Villa Šubić is obliged to make a written decision on the complaint within 14 days upon the receipt of the complaint. Villa Šubić can postpone the length of the complaint resolution for collecting information and reviewing the complaint filed with the service provider for a maximum of 14 days. Villa Šubić will only address those objections that could not be resolved in the place of use of the service. While the decision is in progress, the client waives sharing of information to any other person or court as well as social media networks. The refund for the complaint can reach the amount of the advertised service, can not include already used services nor the total amount of the service.


If the customer is dissatisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he has the right for arbitration. In that case, the competences of the court in city Rab is determined.



Villa Šubić is committed to protect the privacy of all customers. All customer information is kept strictly safe and is only available to the hosts. All Villa Šubić employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy principles. Although we use the ultimate security technology, we cannot take responsibility for harmful content, spyware, or viruses that circulate over the Internet. The user of these sites is required to use their own anti-virus software to protect against harmful content or loss of
data. The user of these sites agrees that Villa Šubić shall not be liable for any errors in data transfer, interruptions or interruptions in the telephone traffic, network data transfer, interruption or inability to access the Internet, electrical, electronic or computer problems of any kind.
Ville Šubić's Web sites are public and accessible to everyone, and the service is provided on the basis of availability. We disclaim any liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special or commercial damages, including loss of profits, which may arise from the possibility or inability to use these web sites. Villa Šubić reserves the right to change any information in this document. Any eventual changes will be immediately available to users on this site.